Friday, January 22, 2010


I am a father of five wonderful and amazing children. All of them have special characteristics that make them different from the others, and all of them bring a great deal of love to our family.

A few years ago, my eldest son, Chandler was diagnosed on the autism spectrum. This diagnosis changed our world. I had never before been exposed to autism, or what it means in the lives of the people that it affects.

A few years later, my youngest son, Spencer received the same diagnosis. His diagnosis came earlier than Chandlers, and we have been able to get him into programs for early intervention that I believe will help "cure" him of autism.

This blog is not just to tell the story of two amazing boys with autism, but to discuss the trials that come along with such a diagnosis and what it has meant for our family. It is an open dialog of our life, from a Fathers perspective.

Thank you for your interest in autism awareness - you can either let the diagnosis define you or you can re-define it. I choose to re-define it.

Cory Howerton

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