Sunday, January 24, 2010


Weekends can be tough.

In a world filled with total structure like autistic children need, Saturday and Sunday take them completely out of the regular school day routine they are used to.

Anytime we have a transition, there are challenges. Chandler was very emotional this weekend, crying at times that would not necessarily be appropriate to cry for a child. His feelings were hurt easily and that can at times disrupt our home - and frustrate a Dad who just wants to help and understand.

Spencer showed me he has anger issues now - this is relatively new for him. At one point he was going to "hit me" if I didn't put his newest obsession - Star Trek - into the DVD Player.

I learn something new every day - and this journey has just begun. The thing that we need to be most mindful of is not to reverse discriminate against any of the kids.

What do I mean by that?

We spend so much time trying to cater to and figure the boys out, that at times, the girls accomplishments become commonplace. At the same time, we need to recognize that when the girls accomplish something that they boys have not yet - it's ok to praise them, but we must strike the balance to not hurt the feelings of the boys.

We have five great kids. This weekend was spent together, playing and learning. What a blessing they all are. Even in the tough times.

Cory Howerton

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