Sunday, November 7, 2010


I finally found a house, and the family will be here in a week. I can hardly wait to have everyone here in Ohio with me, and we can get back into our routine again.

I am in need of a routine just as much as they are. The last five weeks have been awful for me - and them - for different reasons, but they are intertwined.

I called today and talked to Spencer, and shared with him some details about the new house. the only thing that he was really concerned about was the door.

The front door.

He could care less that there is a very cool "secret passageway" in his room-to-be that leads to the attic, where I imagine the boys will spend a lot of time hiding from their parents.

He wanted to know what the front door looked like. So, I took a picture and sent it via my phone, and he was satisfied.

It was a simple reminder of how my little man sees and wonders about things. Most boys his age are concerned about the neighborhood, the back yard, the play room, or a new bike.

He simply wanted to know what the door looked like. I can't wait to watch him walk through it, to hold him and the rest of my family again.

I am excited to get back to our daily, boring routine - which the boys in our family so desperately need. Together again, one family, fighting the fight, and raising our children the only way we know how.

One day at a time.

Can't wait to see you Spencer. Can't wait for you to see the door for the first time in person.

Welcome home.

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